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First Seminar of SAIs of Shanghai Cooperation Organization opens in Nanjing
2016-04-28日   Soure : 【来源:International Cooperation Department】 :

On April 19-21, 2016, the First Seminar of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the participating states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held at CNAO Audit Academy in Nanjing. 20 representatives from 8 countries and organizations, including China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Turkey and SCO secretariat, participated in this seminar. Dr. Sun Baohou, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, attended the opening ceremony and made a keynote speech.

At this seminar, the representatives expressed their opinions on the topic of “IT application to audit”, and shared theories and experience about IT audit in their own countries. It was observed that the development of government audit is facing both opportunities and challenges at the new era of “big data”. Government auditors need to adapt to the new situation, innovate on audit technology, methodology and management, and dealt with the challenges of IT revolution by further applying IT to government audit. Representatives believed that this seminar provided a great opportunity for the SAIs of the participating states of SCO to share knowledge and exchange experience, and it would be of great help to the improvement of IT audit in their SAIs.

Representatives also visited CNAO’s Nanjing Regional Office to learn more about the IT audit practices at CNAO.